#Equal Food Rights for Dogs or #Double Noms

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Truly a HUGE concern for us anipals...

Hi Folks.

Its been brought to my attention da reel problems dat we are facin in da invirament at da moment and how it affects us anipals, well mainly us boy anipals......

Dis used to be what we looked out at, a cleen green place were we could run and bark and play flingy ball and go and do our "stuff" so we dont have do it on da carpet at home and upset da hoomins.

All da bad hoomins are cuttin down da trees to do stuff wif and day not replant dem and I been noticin dat dis been happenin but didnt realise just how bad it got until me be at da park da ova day. We arrived and me run round like a loonie as normal den me needs to go so I quick time look for a tree only to see dis..........

Bloody hell.........

I did wait and wait. It took forever to get to da front of da line and by dat stage me nearly popped. My bladder be so full me went and went and went.......

What we all gotta do is get our main slave hoomins to try and stop dis tree cutting down thing, it be real important for our planet as well as our bladder.

Let da anipals lead da world back from da brink!!!!!!!!!

BOL Baxter

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ive gotty me some new couzifurs....

Ma and Pa been away from home lately cauz Pa's Ma passed ova da hoomin rainbow bridge recently. Day stay wif dere real good pals Deb and Woodie and day got a cat named ZAC

 and a doggie named Sam, Pa calls him SAMMYMAN like Superman but different me finks.

I met dem before but day not likey me much cause den I was a wee puppy and didnt behave real good and dat annoy dem. I was a real pawfull but dat was way back when. I is older now and behave lots betta so im sure dat when we togetha again we all be anipals so dere now my new COUZIFURS, it nice to have new relatives.

Pa told Sam me be comin soon for a visit and he got all excited and couldnt wait for me to arrive, or dats what Pa told me. Me pretty sure he look excited here, i can understand why weez gunna have sooooo much good time.

So Sammyman I owes you a big fank you for looking afta my Ma and Pa when day was real sad cause me wasnt dere to help dem. You be a good mate and when we come on holiday again me bringing lots of treats and Bacon Beer so we can have a big fank you party.
I even get some cat treats for Zac even though I fink he never going to really like me.


Pa say when he leave da Woodies house Sam was sit in da window waiting for me to come back........I comin soon Sam, hold on buddy.

BOL Baxter