#Equal Food Rights for Dogs or #Double Noms

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Its bin a longest time...

Hi all, it bee a longer time since me bloggy cause me Pa bin reel slack and he not let me on da computa at all. I just wanna share dis foto dat we done did take fer me Crossmus. I fink I look stoopid but Jess say me look ok. She alwayes sayes dis den go away giggling behind her paw. I not sure I trust her.......

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Protector of the Amsters

My furiend on twitta, @henryandfriends do be da bestest furiend a puppy could have he so concerned for ourwell being and healf. He do run #keepfits on a Fursdee night his time in da UK (Pa say dat a long way from Noo Zeelund) and da Fridee morning time where I is.
Each time we do go we do lots of streeeechin and relaxxxxin den we do ecercise nd if we good we get to finnish off by chasing his pet amsters.
I used to fink day look tasty and always wanna catch dem amsters but Henri do convert me into finking day be my furiends. I now da biggest protector of da amsters, I kinda da Greenpeace for Amsters and I done did get a title it be "Protecter of da Amsters".
I now training de amsters so day go fasta and do be impossible to catch. Me also organised "cuddles wif amsters" afta each #keepfits class so all my furiends can get to know da amsters like I do.
I so proud of my job I takin it serious I now got a masseuse for da hamsters and also a specul amster jackuzzie for dem. I suggest a ice baf for dem but day ask for a beer fridge instead, I gotta fink bout dat!!!!


Baxter PODA (dat be Protecter of da Amsters)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update and da big move

Well since me birfdee a lotta stuff done did happen in my wee life.

It was real hot afta my birfdee and da city was gettin back ta normul afta da biggy earfquaky in Septemba and den da big afta shakey we hab on Bocksing Day.

Not nice dat one at all, I was in da hoose and Pa was on da chair when it happened. I was so scary dat I did jump on to of da Pa and did stay dere all day cause me couldnt stop shaky.

So anyway we carry on frough Januree and into Februraree and da world do be gettin back to normul den on da 22nd all hell broke lose, we had a huge aftashakey, it be da scaryest yet. I was home lone wif Jess and I didnt know what be happen, all da stuff in da hoose did fall on us and it be real scary.
Pa be in da carpark at dat moment and do be taking a foto of the markings in da carpark when da shaky do start, he say it be his mostset powerful image he eber taken. It be taken right at da time da shaky do start.
I do be scared caus afta Pa and Ma got home and find me I not wanna come out from unda da rubble even when I no it be dem and I no day protect me. Stoopid Baksta. De big aftashakys continue all night and I wasnt allowed in da hoose cause Pa be fraid it fall ova so me sleep in da car wif Jess. She be real brave I so look up to her. We had to evacuate da nextest day and it not be till we got outa town dat Ma and Pa find out just how bad it be. Look like dere be nearly 200 peoples dead. Dat so sad..........
We all got to Temuka bout 2 hours away from home and da hoomons stop for coffee and see da paper, it be da firstest time I sea Pa lauf and Ma finally stop cryin and got a wee smile on her face. Dere be a list of people dat othas be lookin for dat nobodee heard from and right in da middle be furiends looking for @baxter_man, geez I have some awesome furiends on twitta BOL.

So anyways we keep headin souf to stay wif Sammyman and his brofur da cat called Zac, Sammy is cool but me finks Zac not like me. He be old and grumpy and da real boss of da hoose. Me not cross him and we be ok, well dat what Pa said.
We all became one big pack and it be fun stayin at da Sammymans hoose. He make us feel so welcome it be just awesome. Pa say it da bestest fing somebodee be able to do be to open dere door and take in peoplee to dere home when day got nuffing left. Pa and Ma get a wee bit teary when day fink of what Sammyman and his staff done did for us all at dis time. It be real specual.
Dis be Sammymans hooman staff, day be Deb and Mark. Just incase you not now Deb be da pretty one and Mark be da real ugly one, he need some of my hair hehehe. Day be da ones dat took us in and we owe dem heaps.
Ma be nervus for quite a while cause she scared and me I ok, "Whats dat Pa.....tell da truf?" Ok I was real nervie as well everytime a loud noise me jump and run to Pa and da tail keept breakin and not workin any more. But I muck betta now tanks!!!
Well afta a while Ma and Pa decide day not going back to Christychurch and dat day stay in Mosgiel, dat da town dat day bof brought up in so it be home kinda. I was always wonderin where we be living and sometimes me worry a little for my future but I gotta trust Ma and Pa.
Afta we been way a while Ma be much happia and me be back to my cute waggy bestest, I feel so sorri for dose left still in Christychurch it must be so scary for dem but we have to do whats bestest for us and we hab.
We now got a place to lib all of our own and me now got all my toys back and squeaky balls and ALL my tennis ball, geez I didnt know justy how many me had. It been an adventure and me sorry me couldnt be bloggy but me and Pa just not able to get it done till today.
Fanks to youz all for your support ova da lastest few monfs and especialle Deb, Zac, Sammyman and the otha guy, whats his name.....Mark dats right cause wifout dem me has no idea what would have been of us.
Until next time...

Baxter BOL

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Firstest Birfday

Today was a very specul day it be my first birfday, it also be my Ma's birfday as well. I ended up wif Ma and Pa cause day found out dat I be born on da same day as Ma. Dere first dog Max was also born on 11 January 15 years before me so when da Ma found out my birfday she had to adopt me....

I had a great day and here is da highlights.

First Pa got up early and made me scrambly egg, I just lub scrambly egg

I got so excite dat I just about jump in da bowl BOL
It be so yummy me just nom it all up quick
I got bestest wishes from all my twitter furiends all day dat did make me feel so important on my specul day da bestest furends a spoodle could want to hab and me wants to fank dem all so much for eberyfing....

Den Ma and Pa took me and Jess to da park to play flippy ball or so I fought.......
Dere were lots of new furiends at da park today so me and Jess had to say Hi to dem all......

Jess made a new furiend me finks he be her new boyfriend if day have puppies would Jess hab a whole litter of dalmations?????

We all run round and hab fun, here Jess a bit confused da whitey dog keep trying to mount da brown dog but day bof be boys me just not undersatnd eiver?????

Here day are again those naughty boys........

Den Pa pull out my birfday present a FRISBEE, woohoo what fun me and Jess done did have. At first I was a little scary but det I understand dat it be a fun fing. Me chase it and Jess just run half way den turn round and run back to Pa. I just to fast for her.....

She always da first back I have to run so much furver.
I have to do all da carrying Jess just to slow and to lazy......

Den Pa try teach me how to catch da frisbee, me a bit of a duffer so it take me a while but finally I did catch it just da once though.....

Den it be time to go home, me and Jess was pooped so we hab no problem going happly but nobody was going to get hold of my birfday present dat be for sure....

Hurry up Pa open da car door for me to get in.....
Den when me got home me get anover present a new squeaky toy, I lub squeaky toys and I squeak dem for hours and hours but here I hab a rest so Pa can take my fotograph....

Nearly time for beddies now and just enough time for a foto wit Ma cause it be her birfday as well. I be one but I not sure how old she be i fink she is lots older dan me, in fact I fink she ancient........(woops naughty boy Baxter I shouldnt have said that)

Well dat be my birfday over for dis year, it been a great day me hopes my next one be just as much fun.

Until next time.....

BOL Baxter (aged 1)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Truly a HUGE concern for us anipals...

Hi Folks.

Its been brought to my attention da reel problems dat we are facin in da invirament at da moment and how it affects us anipals, well mainly us boy anipals......

Dis used to be what we looked out at, a cleen green place were we could run and bark and play flingy ball and go and do our "stuff" so we dont have do it on da carpet at home and upset da hoomins.

All da bad hoomins are cuttin down da trees to do stuff wif and day not replant dem and I been noticin dat dis been happenin but didnt realise just how bad it got until me be at da park da ova day. We arrived and me run round like a loonie as normal den me needs to go so I quick time look for a tree only to see dis..........

Bloody hell.........

I did wait and wait. It took forever to get to da front of da line and by dat stage me nearly popped. My bladder be so full me went and went and went.......

What we all gotta do is get our main slave hoomins to try and stop dis tree cutting down thing, it be real important for our planet as well as our bladder.

Let da anipals lead da world back from da brink!!!!!!!!!

BOL Baxter

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ive gotty me some new couzifurs....

Ma and Pa been away from home lately cauz Pa's Ma passed ova da hoomin rainbow bridge recently. Day stay wif dere real good pals Deb and Woodie and day got a cat named ZAC

 and a doggie named Sam, Pa calls him SAMMYMAN like Superman but different me finks.

I met dem before but day not likey me much cause den I was a wee puppy and didnt behave real good and dat annoy dem. I was a real pawfull but dat was way back when. I is older now and behave lots betta so im sure dat when we togetha again we all be anipals so dere now my new COUZIFURS, it nice to have new relatives.

Pa told Sam me be comin soon for a visit and he got all excited and couldnt wait for me to arrive, or dats what Pa told me. Me pretty sure he look excited here, i can understand why weez gunna have sooooo much good time.

So Sammyman I owes you a big fank you for looking afta my Ma and Pa when day was real sad cause me wasnt dere to help dem. You be a good mate and when we come on holiday again me bringing lots of treats and Bacon Beer so we can have a big fank you party.
I even get some cat treats for Zac even though I fink he never going to really like me.


Pa say when he leave da Woodies house Sam was sit in da window waiting for me to come back........I comin soon Sam, hold on buddy.

BOL Baxter

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pa's Ma, I gunna miss her........

Pa and Ma are off today to see Pa's Ma, she be real sick and crossing da hoomin rainbow bridge probably in da nextest few days. I hope dat Max, Dougal and Sandy be on de ova sidey of da bridge waiting for her, day be all my pre-fur-brovers. She be look forward to see dem and be able to walk wif dem again she miss dat sooooo much.
I not had her as a Grandma long and she is sooo lubbly to me and Jess we bof going to miss her so heaps we bof be hanging our tails for her today. I been giving Pa so many ((((spoodle snuggles)))) to try make him feel happyer but wif limited success but i do fall off bed dis morning and dat did make Pa laugh, if I just new it was dat easy...........
Poor Pa's Ma she has had such a battle ova da last 4 years now she can go be at peace and wif all her lubbed ones.
I sad

BOL Baxter