#Equal Food Rights for Dogs or #Double Noms

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pa's Ma, I gunna miss her........

Pa and Ma are off today to see Pa's Ma, she be real sick and crossing da hoomin rainbow bridge probably in da nextest few days. I hope dat Max, Dougal and Sandy be on de ova sidey of da bridge waiting for her, day be all my pre-fur-brovers. She be look forward to see dem and be able to walk wif dem again she miss dat sooooo much.
I not had her as a Grandma long and she is sooo lubbly to me and Jess we bof going to miss her so heaps we bof be hanging our tails for her today. I been giving Pa so many ((((spoodle snuggles)))) to try make him feel happyer but wif limited success but i do fall off bed dis morning and dat did make Pa laugh, if I just new it was dat easy...........
Poor Pa's Ma she has had such a battle ova da last 4 years now she can go be at peace and wif all her lubbed ones.
I sad

BOL Baxter