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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pa's Ma, I gunna miss her........

Pa and Ma are off today to see Pa's Ma, she be real sick and crossing da hoomin rainbow bridge probably in da nextest few days. I hope dat Max, Dougal and Sandy be on de ova sidey of da bridge waiting for her, day be all my pre-fur-brovers. She be look forward to see dem and be able to walk wif dem again she miss dat sooooo much.
I not had her as a Grandma long and she is sooo lubbly to me and Jess we bof going to miss her so heaps we bof be hanging our tails for her today. I been giving Pa so many ((((spoodle snuggles)))) to try make him feel happyer but wif limited success but i do fall off bed dis morning and dat did make Pa laugh, if I just new it was dat easy...........
Poor Pa's Ma she has had such a battle ova da last 4 years now she can go be at peace and wif all her lubbed ones.
I sad

BOL Baxter


  1. Not an easy time, but I'm sure you and Jess are being a real comfort to Pa & Ma - even though they may not smile much at the moment.
    Grandma will be at peace but it is tough for the rest of you who will miss her so much. I am sending extra Millie snuggles to you all, and a special 1 for Grandma while she is waiting to cross the human Rainbow Bridge.
    p.s. It's OK to be sad

  2. This be sad news, little buddy. We be thinking of you and all the family. The circle of life can be so sad, but remember the good times and the love; they always be with you. <>

  3. Awhh, such sad news Baxter! Grandma looks so nice! We will be thinking of you and all your family at this time. God bless!
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  4. I so sorry Baxter. Grandma looks like such a nice hoomin! *paw hugs* Stay strong my friend.

  5. Oh, Bax...I do be so sorry for you, Jess and Ma and Pa! I do hope she has lots of anipals waiting for her over da rainbow bridge. I know you gonna miss her, but you need to be strong so you can take care of your Ma and Pa when dey get upset. I know you can do it, my fun Spoodle pal!
    Love, Oz