#Equal Food Rights for Dogs or #Double Noms

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ma's latest TOOT

My Ma be da bestest Ma dat any spoodle could want to have. She look after me, feed me, take me for walks and generally da bestest slave I could wish for but boy oh boy dis morning we see a differen side of her.............................................

Dis morning I was lying in da hoomin beddie wif Pa when da Ma walked in da room. I was doping out half asleep when........TOOT

It be da noisiest TOOT dat I ever heard I got such a frightie I fought dat it be a earfquake but I was wrong in be Ma's bum.

Den da smell arrive, oh da smell it be da worstest fing dat I ever did smell and you know dat us doggies like bad smells but dis be worser.

I shout "Pa what was dat, was it Ma TOOTIN"

He confirmed my suspicians " Yes Baxter it is, your Ma just TOOTED and in my experience that will only be the start of it wait for the odor to arrive".

Boy was Pa right Poo Hoo I was gagging, Pa says "I dont know about you Baxter but Im out of here I cant handle the smell any more".

Pa and me jump outa bed and bof run fru to da sittin room and get da windows open real quick, we was holdin our bref da hole way so we dont get poisoned. It be like a kemical weapon, a weapon of mass distruction is how Pa describes it.

Fankfully Ma went to work dis morning so we can be safe for da moment but she will be home soon I hope dat she be all tooted out when she get back..

If youz see my Ma when youz on your walkies be careful you cant imagine what she be able to produce when she TOOTS.

BOL Baxter


  1. My Nan's roaring with laughter! You gonna be in BIG trouble when your Ma reads this!
    from PuppyNumber7 (Thomas)

  2. BOL! Bax, I sure hopes you didn't get in trouble when Ma saw this post! BOL! Maybe you and Pa can bottle her toots and sell it on the black market as noxious weapon! You could make millions if they really that poo-hooey...
    Your furiend, Oz

  3. Good job Ma toots loudly so you get some warning to evacuate. The silent but deadly ones are the worst!