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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flingy Ball Day Out

 What a day I be have had today, when I did get outa my crate dis lubbly morning da Pa did say "Baxter do you want to go to the dog park?".
What a dumby Pa you know dat I dont understand nuffing that you ever say. Jess did get excit so me thought dat dis what ever he said must be good so me get excited.
 So off we went in da broom broom and den I real worked out just where we be going and I just lub da doggie park and bestest of all meeting new furiends and playing flingy ball, my favourite game of all.


 When me and Jess got dere we played and played a little bit den fru da gate do come my newest furiend Chester.
Lucky he did bring his ball as well so we bof play ball togetha and run round lots.

Den I did hear da gate be open again and I turn round and dere be a BIG black doggie coming in, I had neber seen him before and got a bit of a scary time when he did see me and just run straight at me real fastest. He got to me den da cheek of him he jumped me and nicked my ball.....
Well me be silly and scared for no reason cause he be good furiends wif Chester and dis be his game he nick your ball and take it back to your Pa so he can frow it for you. Dis be real handy cause sometimes I get confused and dont take da ball right back. His name is Dodge and me and him and Chester do run and run and play lots more.

Den after a while it be time to go home so me and Jess shout at Ma and Pa "Come on folks time to go home we be hungry" so we grab our balls and say bye bye to Chester and Dodge and in the broom broom we go do go home.

What a fun day hope we can go again tomorrow.

BOL Baxter

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  1. BOL! Look at you being scardy doggie; you don't have to be scardy doggie 'cause you big dog, Baxter!

    I do luv the doggie park. It looks like you had lots of fun runnin' 'round. I do wish I had been there to play ball with you.
    Your furiend, Oz xxx