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Sunday, October 3, 2010

I found Ted some chicken..........

I has been soooooo stressed out for Ted (@TedLovesChicken) dat me not bean able to sleep more that 12 hours per day, not enuf for a spoodle puppy dats for sure.
I said "Pa, what can we do for Ted. Me wanna help!!!" Pa told me to follow my nose and I would find a way to help poor Ted. So I got da snooz into action and off I went...............
So off I did go down da road on dis lubbly Sunday morning havin no idea just where you get chicken but Pa told me to follow my nose so he is always right.
Dere are lots of people out and Im careful dat none of dem are da fuzz and looking for me!!!
I get down to da glassy building down da road dat Ma tell me is da Artie Gallery and I get a wiff.........yes........yes.....YES its chicken and a lot of it.
Its OK Ted Ive found da holly grale of chicken, da muther load no less. And it has to be in da worlds flashest chicken coop no less.
In I go escorted by Ma and Pa, I fink they have some idea what Ive been up to and dont let me out on my own any more.
And den I see be beutiefull.........just a sight to behold for my mate TED, it be da worlds biggest CHICKEN..........yippy.
I grabby da camera and get Ma to stand by it to give youz all a idea of just how big it really is, I just wanna eat it right there and den.

I done did ask if I could buy it but day said no dat it was worf hundreds and thousands of dollars and dats just way more dan my pocketmoney will allow. So Ted just for you my little buddy, and as a protest against hoomins not feeding us hoomin nom nom's I did NICK it.                                                                                                      I have it at home wif me now and is just licking de last stamp and den I gunna post it to Ted so he has real food and not have to rely on his nasty hoomins and wait for when it does do to suit dem to feed our mate real food.
I hope dat you can find a way to cook it Ted, I fink you be enjoying dis lots and come on all Teds other friends remember our campaign BEG FOR TED. Get it and post it on to him or if its scrambly egg send it on to me and I'll make sure it gets on to him, honest, truly........

BOL Baxter

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  1. BOL! Baxter, that is the most gi-normous chicken I ever did see! ted is so lucky to have a friend like you to find him such a treat!!!

    xxxx, Your furiend, Oz