#Equal Food Rights for Dogs or #Double Noms

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Unfair treatment of my anipals

I has been hiding out afta da bomb fiasco hoping dat da police dont come find me and take me away for da bombing so Shhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone bout me.

Sometimes though you have to put what you believe in ahead of you own self and put your freedom on da line for what is most important to you and dis is one of dese times.......

A frend of mine Ted, aka. @TedLovesChicken on twitter, has been the victim of some of da most terrible cruelty to an furiend dat i can imagine. Its so sad I is having trouble typing cause my eyes do leak and the leakys run down my snoozer and fall on to da keyboardie. If you have a week stomach you maybe stop here.

He has for the last day not had anything to eat but ANIPAL FOOD, no prawns, no chicken no nothing. His hoomins really being nasty to him it has even put me off my food and its scrambly Saturday morning. Poor Ted for all of us dat know and love him we are aware just how much he loves food I cant imagine his pain at da moment.

I propose we all get as much hoomin food as we can and send it to Ted like a food drop so he can survive, please help out our little buddy survive and make his tail work again its not at da moment!!!!

Go forth and "BEG FOR TED". I know I am.

Now back to hiding under da table away from da police for me.

BOL Baxter

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  1. OMD! No chicken? No bacon? What is going on?? This must stop! I do be sending Ted some bacons later fro my share!! Promises!

    Your furiend,