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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meeting "The Supplier"

I fought that I better tell you all about da meeting that I had to go fru to get the bomb for the 'job'. After da hoomins went to sleep Jess sprung me from my crate and we did sneek out. It was real dark but Jess is brave and led me down the town. We had to be stealthy so nobody fought that we be strays and we been take away to the pound, yuuk.

It was really dark and cold but the fought of hoomin food drove us on. We had to go down dis dark alley dat was a dangerous sort of place for two non streetwise puppies like me and my buddy, Jess.
"Come on Baxter be brave, weve come to far to back out now." she said to be so I hardened up and carried on.

We got to da door dat we had been told to and knocked 5 times and waited, and waited, and waited. Jess wanted to go home and she fought dat I was nuts and had got da whole lot of instructions wrong. I had da faith cause by dis time me was real hungry and could only fink of what was behind dat fridgey door fing.
A man finally came to da door............

He was real scary and said,

"Wot ya want ya mutts"
Jess was unhappy by this and started to reach into her handbag for her breeders papers but I had the wise head and said,
"We here to meet up wif Mr The Supplier"
"OK come in, giv me da camera Mr Supplier cant be identified you mutts"
All I could think of was 'Shut up Jess' dont upset this guy. So in we went into da office where I handed over da dog kibble as payment.
"Hi Mr Supplier......."
"Shut up mutts he said, heres da bomb, I know were youz live and If you breeve a word of dis to identify me I send my boys round to do youz over, got it"
"YES Mr Supplier I got it" Dont even tink of saying anyfing Jess!!
"OK mutts piss off"
So, after gettin camera back, we leave as quick as we can Jess and Me didnt wanna stay any longer than we need to I was scared outa my curls!!!
He was the nastiest baddest scariest Spaniel I or Jess had ever met!!!!!!!!
Off down da road we run and run till we is home again. phew safe at last.

Den we look at da bomb and it look a bit bigger dan we fought but what we know. In 24 hours we find out.

Till tomorrow BOL Baxter

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  1. OMD!! That dude at da door is scaree! Yikes! You and Jess are very brave to be out at nite meetin' up with these scaree people and doggies!

    I wont be 'round til Saturday (tomorrow) evening which will be Sunday morning for youz so...I will be sure to check in as soon as I can (the owners be volunteerin' in the morning and early afternoon).

    Be careful with the plan and dont get hurt...or worse, CAUGHT!

    Catch ya on da flip-side!
    Your furiend,