#Equal Food Rights for Dogs or #Double Noms

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Sistafur Jess

This is a photo of my sister Jess, she is lovely and looks after me really good. She makes out she doesn't care about me but I know better and underneath it all she loves me.
She is a Bichon and was born on the 22nd of September 2001, she used to have an older brother Max a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but he was gone long before I came on the scene.
She has taught me about chasing the ball, chewing bones and best of all how to get the humans to give me some of their food. Yum Yum.
She was the inspiration for my campaign #EqualFoodRightsForDogs or #DoubleNoms on twitter. We hope that one day we will have supermarkets the same size as the hoomins have for us anipals.


  1. Your sista is so cute! My Uncle Bailey is a Bichon & he taught me how to play chase around the table & how to gobble up foodies reel quick! Hi Jess!


  2. Hi, nice to meet you Baxter! Lovely pics and great dogs. I visited via a tweet from cowtail and chew toys and I'll be back thank you :)