#Equal Food Rights for Dogs or #Double Noms

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shhhhhhh dont tell da hoomins...

Hey all my Anipals come over here behind the chair....

Make sure the hoomins dont see you going there.....

Check day not looking or listening......

I know a few of you fink my idea is nuts but.................I GOT A BOMB!!!!!
Or I fink I have, I got a mate who got a mate who got a mate...... well you understand. I eventually got to a real dodgy spaniel called "The Supplier" he barks wif a dodgy London accent. He said he can get me a bomb for my project and I have to meet him after dark in da park, I'm a bit scared but da fought of access to da fridge do drive me and Jess said she would come wif me and shes a real tuffy!!
So late tonight Jess going to let me out of my crate and den we going to meet dis dodgy type and make da exchange, hope its worf my big bag of my normal nom nom's dat he charging.

Den its all on............Wish me luck. BOL

Don't tell any of da hoomins its our secret!!!

Woops here comes Daddy I better get gone, "Yea I coming keep your shirt on!!!" geez da hoomins get impatient don't day.

Cheers Baxter.


  1. Bax: Are ya gonna try for the neighbors fridge first...just in case?!? Keep me posted. If you and Jess pull this off, I may need to meet up with Mr. Dodgy!

    Your furiend,

    BTW, my bloggie link here is gone. I dont see it. Am I not a favorite friend anymore?!? *sad eyes*

  2. Wow that sounds really exciting stuff!!