#Equal Food Rights for Dogs or #Double Noms

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Typist Daddy

I couldn't find a photo of Daddy alone so I got a better one that has my Mummy as well so I have all my staff in one photo. Its kind of a family portrait without Jess and I.
Da Daddy is da ugly one on the right in case you cant tell.
He is the one that does do all the typing for me cause I tried once and kept licking the screen to fix the errors and made a big mess on the computer.
He really likes getting me in trouble wif the Mummy and is able to bring on my 'Red Mist' at a moments notice.
He's fun cause we wrestle and play ball all the time.
So that's all my staff accounted for now we can get down to what happens in my life and in the job I have. I do work as assistant car park attendant to my sister Jess but more about that soon........

BOL, Baxter


  1. Woof woof Hellooo my furiend. I am so excited to see ya blog and all ya family. It is really lovely to share. I is looking forwards to hearing all 'bout your adventures and to being able to keep in touch with you with everything you going through in NZ. Westie Hug, Waggy tail and Lots of Licks to ya all. Love your furiend AnnieB

  2. WHOA, Baxter you are rockin' this bloggie! I cant wait to read more!

    *Terrier Taily Wags*
    Your furiend,