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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Mornings

Hi, I thought that it was time that I brought you all up to speed with just how my mornings start. A lot of my furiends are in the UK and I communicate with them in my morning so here's what I get up to in between.

5.30am Awhhhh.....geez I just did sleep really well dreaming bout bones and balls and zoomin everywhere. Me thinks me have a wee scratch........
5.45am Is that the hoomins I can here stirring in there bed right beside mine, is it time to get up? Should I have a wee cry yet?
6.00am Yip da man hoomin is definitely awake so I guess its time to have a wee cry and just let him know that I' awake and could do with a wee.
6.15am Da man hoomin gets up and does go to da toilet himself, why do day not let me go to da toilet myself inside I've watched often enuff.
6.17am Yippy I'm put on my lead and taken out by da big man hoomin to go pee pee, I've been needing this for a while now. Jess just sleeps on.
6.18am Were now outside, its a lubberly morning and I cant remember just what I'm out here for. Lots to see and do out here........
6.19am Aww yea I come out here to have a pee, right now just where will I go this morning the options are endless. Whats that over there......
6.20am Lots of interesting smells this morning, was that there last night...."What's that Dad". I am hurrying up its not that easy being a dog you know....DONT YELL AT ME
6.21am Now what was I doing again, looking at the garden.......Naw that's not it.......Oh I cant remember what I'm here for and Dad's yelling again......Oh yea pee that's right.......
6.22am I need to find a good smell to pee on, "All that shouting at me wont help Daddy". He doesn't understand the most important decision of the day......
6.23am Aww to hell with this I'll just pee here and tomorrow I will find a spot worthy of it. Whats that....I know I have sniffed there before twice but it wasn't right then!!!
6.24am That's better I feel good now. Right back to sleep for me. Hey Dad that's unfair its not my fault that you cant get back to sleep its easy......zzzzzzzzzzzz
6.25am Hey old man don't jab me don't you understand its still early and some of us like our sleep if you must get up early, don't wake the rest of us.......zzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. I can see why you fall back to sleep in only an hour! That's a lot of stuff to do so early in the morning! BOL

  2. Wow, that is a busy morning, but helpful of you to post this so we all know how to spend our mornings now and use our time appropriately.

  3. Hee hee Baxter. Ya got dat morning routine off to a tee! I do get up and then go back to bed again too! (Not as early as you mind you. I think Ma would not be pleased to see me at dat time in the morning!) Thank you for ya funnie blog. Love your furiend AnnieB