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Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Hoomin Mummy

Dis is my Hoomin Mummy, she is da one that keeps me alive, if i relied on my Daddy I would be real hungry cause he always forgets. Mind you if it wasn't for him doing my typing my blog would be pretty dull.
My Mummy is about the best one around she feeds me and walks me and takes me out whenever I need to go toilet, da real important stuff.
Ive got her trained really well now I can get her to do anything I want at any time, it took a while cause she was hard to train but now the hard work has paid off.
Mummy tries to treat Jess and me the same but I know deep down that I'm the favourite of her cause she is always screaming out my name whenever I is doing something that is really fun, I guess this is to encourage me to keep doing it cause the more I do it the more she screams......she must get tired of it eventually.
Ive got to go now Mummy has taken the hint finally and is going to take Jess and me for walkies, I better go she would be unhappy if I didn't put on a big performance to encourage her.............

BOL, Baxter

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