#Equal Food Rights for Dogs or #Double Noms

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Project Blow Up

Hi Guys just had to share a project I've been working on for a long long time. I need all the advice I can get cause I'm a little bit stuck at the moment and don't know what to do and if my plan will work.

The Background

I've noticed this thing in the kitchen da hoomins call a fridge, it seems to have a never ending supply of nom nom's. I gotta get in there and raid it somehow.
You can see just how much nom nom is available if I can just find a way in there and that's when I hatched this plan.
If I can just get in I have unlimited hoomin food and that be da bestset idea ever.

I have tried:
  • Digging my way in, very unsuccessful cause da floor is really hard not like the garden outside which is soft and easy to dig.
  • Running at da fridge and read butting it but again dat was really unsuccessful and all I did was make da hoomins laugh and give myself a sore head. Tank goodness my twitter furiend Coney stopped me overwise I have permanant sore head,
  • Look for da keys was anover plan that I came up wif. If da hoomins need keys for da car dere must be keys for somefing as important as da fridge. 
  • I also tried a ladder but day dont make ladders for anyone wif more than the two legs, none for us four legs at all.
None of dem ideas worked out so then da masterstroke........a BOMB

The Plan

You see here the layout of our target area and can understand just how much problem there is in getting access for the assault on da fridge.....

My plan is to set a bomb at da base of da fridge and den me and Jess hide round the corner in relative safety while KAPOW da bomb does go off and da fridge door do open.

You can see from dis drawing dat Jess did do for me, cause my Internet allocation is used up twittering, where we hide and set off da bomb and den we in to da food. Yippy BOL.

Me and Jess have even had a few trial runs while the hoomins havent been her.
Here we are checking just how long it takes us to get from da fridge to da safe zone dat we have got worked out.

So dats da plan

Do youz see any flaws wif the plan as it stands?

See anyfing we could do better?

Anyfing we havent tried before we do da bomb fing?


Where does a Bichon and a Spoodle buy a bomb from?????


  1. Baxter my furiend, I can see dat you have everything sorted, ya dun trial runs, ya got da maps, you all prepawed. It's impawsive stuff! Now I is a boring old Westie being pawtical here...Da only fing is... if ya use a bomb to get da fridge door off, I is wondering if the contents will still be ok? I has an alternative plan. It involved pawtience! Maybe watch dat door so carefully. Sumtimes it can get left 'ajar'! Then it's ya time to pounce. Ya stand on Jess's shoulders and pass everyfink down to her... I think dat might werk? BOL! Your furiend AnnieB

  2. Baxter: Before you go blowin' up da house (BOL!) let me tell you whot I did see...

    There are dogs speshully trained to open the fridge door!!! *Tail wags very fast* I know, can you believe dat?!? The dogs are called sumthing like 'fridge service dogs' or 'at your service dogs'...I dont really remember.

    But, whot I was thinkin is that you get yourself one of these 'service dogs' and he/she will open the fridge for you whenever you want, like your own personal butler or sumthing!

    Its just a thot before you go 'full metal jacket' on the fridge.

    Your furiend,